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To save your precious time, here're the latest updates:

The Prez is back! ::cue JAWS theme:: unfortunately, that means more work for me.. ^^;; but anyway.. we've got two more members, a new info link.. and.. ::drum roll:: a counter!  After a looong time, i finally found one i'm really fond of.. not only it counts the visitors, but by clicking on it, you can learn where did they come from.. and it looks nice. ^^

The purpose of Project HELP is to help fellow Sailor Moon web authors with their pages. Reviews, suggestions, new pictures, spelling corrections.. anything that will make Sailor Moon web pages a little better for the moonies of the world.

No, HELP does not elect pages that we think suck and need major help. ^^ Authors have requested HELP's services to improve their pages. If you want some help with your page.. sign your page up! (makes sense, ne? ;)

Any and all are welcome to join HELP. There are, however, a few guidelines for members, which can be read in detail here. Basically, Project HELP is to encourage authors, and improve their pages, not to insult what you see.

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