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Message from the Prez

Question: Why is it that twice as many people have asked for help on their projects than have signed the guestbook? HUH?! Hmph...we even have more members than guestbooks entries. So if you never signed the guestbook, I curse you with everylasting guilt!!

As you can see, it's that time again, and new projects are posted (or will be as soon as Tolaris gets a chance) so check out your new project. Also, a few people have asked if they're allowed to work on other projects besides the ones assigned to their group. Feel free to help any of the other listed or archived pages (or any page for that matter ^_-) Just please try to help your project a bit too, k?

All right, next point of business, there are a few ideas that have been sitting in my mailbox for a while, so maybe if anyone is willing we can act on some of them. If anyone is interested in helping with some new ideas, please tell me. To give you some idea, it would involve things like:

I'd really like to act on some of these things, so if you're willing, I'd welcome the help

I know I've said it before, but we're extremely backlogged as far as projects are concerned. To give you some idea of this...requests from mid march are being worked on now. So, it's not that we won't work on projects that are sent to us, it'll just take a while before it gets to the top of the list. If you'd really like your page to be moved to the top of the list (for those of you who've made requests) mail me at