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Project HELP

Project HELP homepage
So you want to become a member of the Project HELP? Excellent! But you know, there are a few rules to being a Project HELPer..
  • First off, be nice! ^^ It's a pretty simple concept (I bet your mommy taught it to you when you were just a tiny little thing.. :)
  • Specifically, don't ever insult someone's page.. HELP is here to help people (otherwise we would've picked a different name.. ;), not to make those people feel lousy about their page.
  • You have to at the very least visit every project of the week.
  • Sign the nice author's guestbook. Authors are always bugging people to do it.. ;)
  • "Flame is a 4-letter word". Hmmm.. well, actually it's not (darn that math teacher!! ;) but the point is, don't flame. Remember children, playing with fire is bad. Smokey taught you that ;)
  • No seeking out pages to help. This is a purely voluntary operation, so if you really wanna help, just help those that come to us, okay?
  • You do not have to know everything about html to help. You can help someone immensely just offering some constructive criticism.

And that's it! So, if you'd like to join us, do the following:
 Write to Project HELP with "I-wanna-join" in the subject line. Why put that subject in? Because we're really swamped in mail, and if you don't put that in, we may pass over your message until we finish everything else we need to do.

..and if it's been over a week since you emailed us, and you still haven't been added to the list, go yell at Odysseus and tell 'im what happened, and he'll try and put you up. ^^

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