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Project HELP homepage
First, here are the following rules on submitting your page to project HELP:
  • You have to join HELP and help future projects.
  • No plagiarizing. If you know you are plagiarizing another Sailor Moon page on the web, change your page and then ask for help. Or ask for help so that you have your own info, so that you don't have to plagiarize. Project HELP will NOT help improve a page which is based on copying an already existing page.
  • Do NOT submit your page just to get more hits, or to get some people to sign your guestbook. We are here to try and help people that actually want help, not just hits.

    FREE ADVICE: if you want to increase your counter quickly, enter the link to it as an URL and press "Reload" few hundred times.. But don't waste other people's time. ^^
 Now, you can submit your page to Project HELP. To do this, write to us with the following information:
  1. The title of your page.
  2. The URL of your page.
  3. Your name and e-mail.
  4. What exactly you want help with.(i.e. pictures, sounds, spelling/grammar, info, design, etc.)
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