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25 july'97

Project HELP homepage
All right, we're now able to do ten at a time, so lets WROCK! ^^  Each team will help their respective page.  That's not to say you can't do more than one if you'd like though.

If you'd like to submit your page to Project HELP, go here.

 TEAM ALPHA: Queen Serena's SM Gallery & Trading Post
Author: Queen Serena
"I'd like your help with design, and info."

 TEAM BETA: witch baby's gateway
Author: Witchbaby
"i'd like a lil' bit off help on my web page... some of my graphics don't wanna load and horizontal rules end up in the wrong place... and there's a few more bugs methinks."

 TEAM GAMMA: Animeg3282's Page O' Crap
Author: Animeg3282
"I would like help with basically the grapics and organizing my page better."

 TEAM DELTA: Princess's Sailor Moon Page
Author: Princess
"Ok my page is new. I would like help with the layout of my page (design) Is it good? I want to know if their is anything i could add to make my page unique and great."

 TEAM EPSILON: Prince Darien's Sailor Moon Page
Author: Scott Garside
"I would help with both info an design."

 TEAM ZETA: Beth's Anime Page
Author: Beth
"I would like help on pictures, backgrounds, how to put rings on a page, and how to make thumbnails, and great ideas for my page!!!"

 TEAM ETA: Lady Rei's Realm of Sailor Moon
Author: Lady Rei
"I need to know how to put things I have downloaded on my page!"

 TEAM THETA: NaniHoku's Sailor Moon Page
Author: Heather
"I need help with design"

 TEAM IOTA: The Gate of Winds
Author: Mei Shaw and Amy Whitmore
"Need help with... HTML coding. ...WE're computer illiterate. ...Well, virtually ^_^;"

Author: Kristen O'Brien
"I'm not really sure what I want help with, I guess overall appeal. Also, my pictures i think have some bad links. Thank you so much!"

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