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Hmmm.. A lot of you have been asking about our page recently. That's a good thing. ^^ But because we don't have too much time (I know.. that's what everyone says.. ;) we're gonna put answers to common questions right here in this very room. Okay? Thought so..

 Do you guys have anything to do with the 'Worst of Web' page?

No, none whatsoever. We're not their competition, their counterparts, their archenemies, their nemesis, whatever you want to call it. We have nothing to do with them. We don't love them, we aren't bent on their destruction, we simply co-exist with them. ^^ I don't even think anyone from the WoW page knows this project exists.

Yes, most people think that this project was created for the sole purpose of bugging the WoW page and looking like goodie goodies, but it wasn't.

 Do you have to be a member to put the link up?

No, not at all. Project HELP appreciates any support at all from anyone, whether or not they have time to actually join. Hey, I've been going around bugging page owners to put the link up! ;)

 Doesn't it hurt people's feelings when you offer them help?

Any URL that appears on the page was sent to us by the author along with a request for help. We don't search around looking for pages, we let them come to us.(less work ;)

 What does HELP stand for?

Err.. I have no idea.. it stands for help!! ^^; No, we don't have a cool acronym like the pages involved in the Chibiusa wars ;) But if anyone can figure out what HELP could stand for I'd be eternally grateful.. ^^

 What's the point of the project?

It serves as a stepping stone to Mt. Hope's eventual control of the world.. No! Uhmm.. you didn't hear that.. ;)

We want to help, some people want help.. *shrug* Isn't that enough of a point?

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