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By sheer coincidence i've found the way to deal with Netscrape's buggy JavaScript implementation..[it still doesn't work.. but at least it doesn't display the source code.. ^^;;] now excuse me, but it's time for my laugh of the day...

about Project HELP

The purpose of Project HELP is to help fellow Sailor Moon web authors with their pages. Reviews, suggestions, new pictures, spelling corrections.. anything that will make Sailor Moon web pages a little better for the moonies of the world.

No, HELP does not elect pages that we think suck and need major help. ^^ Authors have requested HELP's services to improve their pages. If you want some help with your page.. sign your page up! (makes sense, ne? ;)

Any and all are welcome to join HELP. There are, however, a few guidelines for members, which can be read in detail here. Basically, Project HELP is to encourage authors, and improve their pages, not to insult what you see.

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pssst! want to know who ChibiChibi is?
learn about the current state of SM in NA and much more
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mostly the obvious design tips.. but worth checking anyway
wondering how to make text blink and stuff like that?

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