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Sailor Moon

Files and links in this section aren't very unique and you probably already know most of them.  But these are simply the best places to learn about Sailor Moon.. ^^


 FILE: Sailor Moon FAQ 95

 TYPE: Zip Archive  SIZE: 102k     download
A must-download! (for those who run Windows 95, that is..)  The famous Sailor Moon FAQ, converted into Win95 Help file.. approved by SM FAQ author, Ken Arromdee.  Build 1.7.14

 FILE: Sailor Moon FAQ 2

 TYPE: Zip Archive  SIZE:     download
Another version of Sailor Moon FAQ, created by Ben Goodger, maintainer of Central Control.  If i'm not mistaken, this Help file works both with Win95 and Windows 3.1..

 FILE: Sailor Moon FAQ

 TYPE: WWW Site  SIZE:     go there
For those poor souls without Windows 95 (yes, i know it's debatable.. ;) here's the latest version of the original Sailor Moon FAQ, saved as a plain text document.

 FILE: Hitoshi Doi's SM Page

 TYPE: WWW Site  SIZE:     go there
Probably the most popular SM page in the world.. episode synopses, guide to characters and items, information about the animators and seyiuu,(Japanese voice actors) and much more..

 FILE: SM Scripts Archive

 TYPE: Zip Archive  SIZE: 899k     download
According to "Tuxedo" Will, the site's owner.. "the largest collection of SM scripts and synopses.. also some other support files of interest to SM otaku."

 FILE: Pit of the Lunar Inquisition

 TYPE: WWW Site  SIZE:     go there
Scripts of Sailor Stars episodes and FUT (a glossary of terms related to manga and anime, plus a guide to Japanese pronounciation) make this rather original site worth visiting..


 TYPE: WWW Site  SIZE:     go there
All the SailorMoon S episodes summaries not written by Hitoshi Doi can be found there..(i haven't had time to check this link, so visit it at your own risk! ::evil laughter::)

 FILE: Cult of Serenity

 TYPE: WWW Site  SIZE:     go there
Sailor Moon milestones for the Japanese version, DiC version and manga versions. Also full-page senshi biographies, opening song lyrics and a lot more...

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