setup screen

Look at the horizontal line below..  Does it fill the whole width of your monitor?


Your computer is set to 640x480 screenmode. To avoid unnecessary (and annoying ;) scrolling, we'll have to load the lite version of Project HELP page.

Total size of the lite version: 30k
It'll load in less than 10 secs with a 28.8 modem


It seems we can load the full version of Project HELP homepage. This version was designed for high-color, 800x600 screenmode and optimized for Lynx.

Total size of the full version: 80k (11k for Lynx users ;)
It'll load in less than 25 secs with a 28.8 modem

Remember to bookmark the proper version of the page once it loads! ^^

Technical notes:

While the Project HELP page can be viewed using practically any browser, it utilizes some HTML 3.2 tags and JavaScript. Because of what seems to be errors in Netscape Navigator, we suggest you viewing this page with MS Internet Explorer version 3.0 or better, OR with Netscape Communicator.

Project HELP page doesn't utilize Java or ActiveX.